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Little Prayers Vol. 1



The Big Ship is the home of innovative and provocative art writing that challenges the traditional canon. The Big Ship’s first book, Little Prayers Vol. 1, collects once-deleted entries from the first year of its self-destructing online, gallery Little Prayers. The vital alchemy of a Little Prayer - short in length and lifespan - permits writing at its most personal and experimental. At any turn in this volume you will find artists classic and contemporary, painters, sculptors, film-makers, musicians, celebrities, outsiders, the unheard, and on any page find writing esoteric, confessional, utopian, formal, hungry, analytic, enraged, illuminated, lost, and found.


Product Details

Perfect bound paperback, 64 pages, 10.5 x 0.5 x 14.8 cm



Publish Date

20 May 2024

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