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The Big Ship is a new movement of art writing for the internet age. In an era of unlimited access and constant content, we recommend an updating, carefully curated catalogue of film, music, art and literature. Through collaboration, curiosity and creativity, we aim to build a modern art canon that isn't afraid to stray from traditional 'best of' lists. We hope to provide to you a constantly evolving selection of the most enriching art, and help you to see it in the most valuable ways.


At The Big Ship, we believe that art is one of the most enriching tools of life. Great art can feed minds, shape worldviews and inspire. Our attempts at curation are simply our attempts to share our passions with you. We hate to think how many people are missing out on some of the most transformative experiences you can have (and thankfully now to the internet, from the comfort of your own living room) and we simply want to infect you with the same fervour, guiding you to a new appreciation of art and the world.


Us? Helmed by creatives, here at The Big Ship we do not believe in traditional criticism: you won't find any reviews here, certainly no negative ones. Instead, we approach writing as if it is a creative tribute to the pieces we are writing about. We want to invoke in you our personal experiences and perspectives in order to hopefully broaden yours. Not only do we want to convince you to seek out what we are writing about but we also want to get you excited about it and give you tools to get the most out of it as possible.

You? Enjoy the site! Get lost in our catalogue or if you want a quick recommendation then read our latest post at our feed. We also pride ourselves on our Instagram, which you can follow to get bite-sized, daily hits of The Big Ship: original content, only littler; as well as updates for the main site.

Get involved! Can you write? Email us. Got an album on the way? A gallery opening? A film coming out? Let us know, we want to know what art has inspired you and how you approach it: let's collaborate. Can you design, paint, draw, illustrate? Please email us! We would love to feature you in the catalogue. Our final vision of The Big Ship is a piece of art about art. Whether you want to talk about the music that inspired your new album or illustrate a spread on Blue Velvet; we’re only an email away.

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