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"Progress not Perfection": An Interview with Analog by Nat

"Every image starts with a story, and then I build the visual from there... I think a lot of people connect with it in terms of the story that every piece tells... things that they're not gonna see every single day."  

Nathan Hussain, perhaps better known by his Instagram pseudonym Analog By Nat, creates collage art. At least, that’s what he currently creates. A writer, filmmaker, typeface and graphic designer, and all-around creator, Nat is hard to put into a box – and so is his art. Clippings of vintage magazines, posters, advertisements and stock photos burst through in vibrant and colourful pastiches of dreamy, surreal worlds supported by hypnotic fonts with thought-provoking philosophies such as "you are entirely up to you", and humorous asides like "say yikes move on" – all as equally true to be ringing around your head as you go about your day. This is internet art at its finest: daily doses delivered straight to your feed. So, as you look out the train window on your daily commute at the grim world, Nat’s world is always with you when you need it.

In our interview with Nat, we discuss his progress and process, art as an outlet to spread positivity, finding the balance between art and life, and the pressures that come with attention. Check out more Analog By Nat here.


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