Curator's Choice

King Krule's new live album,

Caleb Carter

You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down is a gift. Tour cancelled, the live recordings emulate an energy that many of us are having deep withdrawals from: the sound of musicianship trolleyed by passion. As a culminating experience of three albums, it also emotionally reminded me of how big a fan I have been for so long of my life. I'm grateful for the medicine of music. Long live Krule.

"Tracey Emin: 
The Loneliness of the Soul

Bryson Edward Howe

The skeletons of inky daydreams swim across fluid canvas 'melting away in visions of ecstasy' as Emin wrangles Stygian realms of pleasure from the depths of abstraction. Clearly, pleasure doesn't necessarily have to mean comfort in her world. Sometimes a moan is more like a howl."