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PIRATE RADIO #3 — This Is Water

PIRATE RADIO is a freshly curated mix of songs for you to vibe to in the background of whatever you are doing today.

Cover: Portrait of a Woman by Nicolas de Largilliere, 1696. Want to design the cover art for the next PIRATE RADIO? Email us at thebigshipcontact@gmail.com

Audio sampled from David Foster Wallace's 2005 Commencement Speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhhC_N6Bm_s

This edition of Pirate Radio could just as easily double as a soundtrack of my lockdown, indicative of the music and literature that scored the last year of my life. The jazz, I think, served as a freeing, expressive counterpoint to the strict claustrophobia of the strange new normal; a sort of way to break down some barriers in a time when there were so many new ones being put up. The words of David Foster Wallace were almost the complete opposite; writing of loneliness and boredom in a modern age, it was a strange sort of consolation. Putting the two of them together, I hope, echoes the strange tearing of time and space that we’ve all experienced this last year. And just how art can break free of that, so perfectly.


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