• The Big Ship

PIRATE RADIO #1 – Slippin' and Trippin'

Introducing Pirate Radio: a freshly curated mix of songs for you to vibe to in the background of whatever you are doing today.

*NOTICE* We had a beautiful send off prepared for the finale of this show. If all had gone according to plan, you would have been serenaded by a Swedish voice as soft as butter, to a twinkling piano and glorious, echoed choir. Sounds good doesn't it? Unfortunately, the artist in question's management didn't want you to hear that, and as a result we have had to mute the ending of this radio broadcast. We're sorry for the inconvenience, please enjoy the show.

Cover: "The Death of Socrates" (detail) by Jacques-Louis David, 1787. Want to design the cover art for the next PIRATE RADIO? Email us at thebigshipcontact@gmail.com

(This whole process is new to us, and as you join us in the beginning of this venture, you will see us grow and learn, so please bear with us as we do so. We hope you'll join us for the ride).


Agony - Beach Fossils

Spongebob - billy woods, Kenny Segal

Veins - Earl Sweatshirt

Mood - Lex Amor

Doorway - Planningtorock

Early Summer - Ryo Fukui

Stay Flo - Solange

Fly Like An Eagle - Steve Miller Band