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Most Normal: A Conversation with Alan Duggan of Gilla Band

Ahead of the release of their new album Most Normal, I speak to Gilla Band guitarist Alan Duggan about his electronic influences, his relationship with their audience, and the politics of punk.

I sat down with Gilla Band (formerly known as Girl Band) guitarist Alan Duggan earlier this week to chat about their new album Most Normal, a record that fizzes with the same mysterious aura of a forgotten dream, that obscure feeling you’re left with when waking up to a liquid dawn. It is beautiful bruised music, something tender then twisted and abused into something angular, muscular with shuffling drums that echo a masochistic paranoia, and a rock-hard sonic barrier that is fury and sickness. You can read my full review of Most Normal for So Young Magazine as well, here.

I’ve heard Gilla Band described before as dangerous, like one last rave before the apocalypse, but through the waves of distortion, you always get the sense that Gilla Band are searching for the nuance of noise, the order within chaos. This is never more evident than in my conversation with Alan, where we discuss the band’s process and intentions going into their third album. Check it out in full above.


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