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Philip Castle, A Clockwork Orange, Hand-lettered Movie Title Font
Philip Castle, Stanley Kubrick, Hand-lettered Movie Title Font

Everyone is fucked. Intoxicated on either the “Korova Milk” or something deeper and darker, speaking only with a glassy eyed gaze and an uncontrollable smile. Any remnants of a soul eludes these people: the gangs and the authorities. The only emotions truly felt are pain, rage, bliss and they surge through their very beings like jolts of electric, making them spasm and froth. The others just quiver in fear, blend in or don’t come out at all, pretend it’s all okay, pretend the world isn’t ending.

We’re cobbled together from the people we know. Ever started saying something ironically or as a joke but use it so much that it becomes a common part of your dialect? Alex and his “droogs” have done exactly that, but with everything. Built from art and drugs and violence and language, books they’ve read and books they’ve burnt. If you change every part of a boat is it still the same boat? This is the stolen generation. 



The “Immersive Mixtape” offers a conceptual, transporting experience: A thematic selection of songs intended to be listened to in order of arrangement, with unique visual artwork created exclusively for the tape and a piece of creative writing for the music to provide a score to.

Presenting “Britain’s Brink”: Following in the footsteps of Burgess and Cuaron, this mixtape paints a uniquely British dystopia. All songs are by British artists, all transport you to a UK on the very edge of destruction, just beginning to slip…

Greg Ruth, Mondo A Clockwork Orange Poster Screen Print

"Does God want goodness or the choice of goodness? 
Is a man who chooses to be bad perhaps in some way better than a man who has the good imposed upon him?"

                                                              - Anthony Burgess

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